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Salto Systems Door Lock configurator “MyLock” (“Salto Systems Configurator”) is a digital tool aimed at helping clients and at promoting Salto Systems’ products. Salto Systems Configurator provides a mere indication of Salto’s product range and of certain product options. The purpose of Salto Systems Configurator and of the customized products displayed therein is purely illustrative and no-binding.

Images displayed in the Salto Systems Configurator are for illustrative purposes only and are designed to visualize the product or option selected. Therefore, all images, illustrations, shapes, features, specifications, sizes, data, descriptions and colors shown in the Salto Systems Configurator shall be considered as no-binding approximate indications only.

Salto Systems Configurator (i) only shows a portion of the total product range and may not reflect all available product options, (ii) may show options which are not available in the local market of the client and, (iii) does not verify if the options’ combination selected by the client is technically feasible. Therefore, Salto Systems does not guarantee in any manner whatsoever that the configuration and customization of the products made by the client (including the selected options’ combination) through Salto Systems Configurator is available in the local market of the client, nor it guarantees that the same is technically feasible.

Moreover, Salto Systems reserves the right to discontinue the manufacturing of any of its products, to make any changes in their design and to amend or cancel any of the available product options, at any time. Therefore, changes might be applied to the products after the display of the client’s configuration through the Salto Systems Configurator.

For the avoidance of any doubt, the information and documentation shown through the Salto Systems Configurator does not constitute an offer of Salto Systems to the client, neither shall it be interpreted as the assumption by Salto of any contractual obligation whatsoever. Salto assumes no liability whatsoever as a result of any incomplete or incorrect information shown to or obtained by the client through the Salto Systems Configurator, nor it assumes any kind of liability whatsoever in case that the product configuration made by the client trough the Salto Systems Configurator is not available and/or is not technically feasible.

For a complete description of the product range, for a verification of the availability and technical feasibility of the selected product configuration and/or for a commercial offer please contact with the local authorized dealer or a Salto office.

This Legal Warning is ruled in every point by the Spanish Law.


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